Tailoring your own checklists to your operational needs is dead easy with Aquipa

We know that your operations are as individual as you are and have designed the Aquipa platform to make it so easy for you to adjust to you liking as possible.

So much so we guarantee you’ll be up and running with basic checklist changes in minutes not months.

And if you do want to make up a more complex checklist, we offer a personalised service to fast-track your checklists intro production in a jiffy.

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Check Out How Easy It Is To Handle Your Pre-Start Checklists With Aquipa

Step #1

Select ‘Scan QR Code’ in Your

Start by going to the top left of your screen and select the 3 stripe (menu navigation tab) to open up the left side navigation bar.

Select the ‘Scan QR code’’ button to open up the scanner to read the QR code sticker mounted on your plant.

Step #2

Use the barcode scanner to identify the plant

Hold your phone up to the QR code sticker mounted on your plant to identify the machine. It will bring up details on the plant on your screen.

Click on the ‘checklist’ button at the bottom to open up the available checklists on that piece of plant.

Step #3

 Select the ‘Daily Inspection Checklist’

Click on the ‘Daily Inspection Checklist’ button (or other checklist) to open up the pre-start checklist.

You will be prompted to start by checking and adding in the ‘Usage log’ for total hours.

Step #4

Fill in the Pre-start checklist

The operator proceeds to check all the prompted pre-start tasks, adding the information to the Aquipa digital pre-start checklist as they go.

If there is a fail, the operator can add photos and detailed description of the failure.

Step #5

Complete the checklist and submit

Add any notes in the ‘Comments’ section and sign the signature pad and select the ‘COMPLETE FORM’ button to submit the pre-start checklist.

Your pre-start checklist has been submitted and is accessible for you to review and manage all the submitted pre-start checklists for each piece of plant

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Peter Woodeson – PJ&YC Woodeson Pty. Ltd.

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