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“ARTC have commenced building a new plant registration database and have selected aquipa as the backbone of the solution, over several other applicants. We are very pleased with the professionalism of the team and the progress made to date has far exceeded our expectations.”

Carolyne Southern – ARTC

Manage Contractors & Plant In One Central Hub In Real time, At the Touch Of A Button, And Without Having To Chase Them

Ever feel like your onsite contractor network are at odds with your management and safety culture? It only takes one accident to tarnish your reputation and put your brand at risk. And with so many moving parts, people, plant and processes all under your umbrella, maintaining control is the challenge!

But what if you could embrace one simple digital people and asset management platform to achieve a national (or global) register of all the contractors and their plant on your sites to regulate their accountability and inform compliance.

All controlled from the touch of a button on a central hub that delivers live data as it happens. Imagine real-time views into equipment compliance status, specifications, certifications, maintenance records and operating restrictions all available to users anywhere and at any time and restricted by user access permissions.

If you’re concerned your office and onsite management are worlds apart, and you’re worried about operator compliance, safety and the risk of litigation, it’s time to take a closer look at Aquipa.

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Avoid Double-Handling And Operational Confusion, With Improved Stakeholder Communications

Fed up with having to manage and sift through the myriad of calls, files and emails every time you need to resolve operational issues happening on the ground? Forget double and triple handling, mind-blowing spreadsheets or crazy SAAP platforms that cost more to run and manage than the profits on your projects.

Aquipa instantly updates your managers with what’s really happening on the ground, opening communication channels in cased environments that connect users in online discussion portals. Network-wide operational processes are more consistent and transparent as a result of structured workflows that are configured in a collaborative environment.

With everything in one place, and all parties collaborating transparently in real time, issues can be resolved more efficiently than ever before.

It’s all possible with Aquipa – without the administrative burden, streamlined processes and realtime documentation. If you’re open to change, we’ve made it dead easy for you to say goodbye to all the confusion!

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Reduce Paperwork And  Administration To Focus On Teamwork, Collaboration & Continuity

Ever feel like your personnel are spending more time managing paperwork in systemic administrative duties than actually getting their real work done?

Productivity and profit are born in operational efficiencies.

How much of a difference would it make to your organisation if you could slash the paperwork, reduce administrative burden, streamline contractor management processes and automate reporting?

A world where your managers are focused on progress – not paperwork. Using ‘Key Documents’, allows you to upload one piece of plant and manage one version of the documents right across the plant’s safety and compliance handling for registrations, workflows, assessments and ongoing approvals.

It’s all possible with Aquipa. Find out how other hiring clients are taking their plant, people and process management to the next level, and how it could work for your organisation.

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Say Goodbye To Work Place Health & Safety Woes & Litigation With Evidence Based Safety & Compliance

How much control do you have managing safety and compliance on your work sites?

Safety hinges on the decisions people make on an ongoing basis, and good decisions hinge on accuracy and availability of information.

Thanks to Aquipa, hiring clients are enjoying peace of mind knowing their suppliers, operators, site managers, inspectors and supply chain / procurement professionals have the information they need at their fingertips to make critical safety decisions.

Contractors embrace the platform to demonstrate their equipment and processes are well maintained, registered and compliant. Alerts notify contractors and hiring clients of deadlines and lapses… Like a well oiled machine keeping the wheels of industry turning – significantly reducing the risk.

Find out how to finally take control of your and your contractor plant safety and compliance!

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  • The foolproof process for shifting to digital plant management, no matter how big your operations. (Making the shift and getting the support from your supplier network can be stressful and daunting…but this process makes it so easy!)

  • What you must know about managing a network of contractors successfully – We’ll take you through all the time saving systems and processes for streamlining your systems that will save you thousands every year!

  • The shockingly simple way to get buy in from your contractor / supplier network so the whole process works seamlessly from day one

  • The best way to transition your existing paper / spreadsheet reporting checklists into digital to maximise productivity and minimise downtime

  • Exactly how long it will take from your first call with us to when you can expect to get your contractors onboarded and operational on the platform

Finally Take Control Of Supplier Plant Management

Streamline Consistency & Transparency Of Plant, People And Operations Aligned On A Proven Platform

With so many moving parts in your operations, it’s never been more important to bring all your plant, people and processes together.

The key is in the transparency.

You need direct visibility on critical operational processes and checklists being completed, automated alerts on deadlines and failures and overall compliance status, all at the touch of a button.

With Aquipa you can! And having guided many of the world’s bluechip leaders to take control of their people and plant management, we’re ideally placed with the technology, systems and support to bring the same level of control to your organisation.

Don’t leave your safety and compliance to chance. Request a call today to confirm your challenges. We can help guide you through the steps to streamline your operational compliance and safety, reducing your risk, and without you having to reinvent the wheel!

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Discover The 5 Ways ARTC Took Control Of Compliance With Their Contractor Network To Improve Safety, Visibility & Performance

Learn how ARTC were able to slash paperwork, reduce administration, improve productivity and take control of their supply chain management in this comprehensive 21 page whitepaper that doesn’t pull any punches!

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