Lock in Maintenance schedules with alerts to make sure your operators are triggered at the right time

The key to compliance is sticking to simple schedules like clockwork.

With Aquipa, you can schedule maintenance in just minutes, that will prompt alerts to trigger your operators to take care of the scheduled maintenance when it is due.

No more missed services… It’s that simple!

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Never Miss A Plant Maintenance Time Again Thanks To Aquipa

Step #1

Select ‘Maintenance’ in Your Navigation

Go to the top navigation and click on ‘Maintenance’.

Step #2

Select ‘Schedule Maintenance’

Click on ‘Schedule Maintenance’ in the drop down menu.

Step #3

Select from pre-templated maintenance schedules and proceed to fill out your maintenance schedule

Click on the Scheduled Maintenance type to select pre-templated maintenance schedules and proceed to enter the appropriate details for each of the prompted questions.

Step #4

Select the type of maintenance and the deadline type!

Select from the different deadline types (ie. Hours) and proceed to confirm the actual number of hours you choose for the scheduled maintenance to be carried out.

Select ‘Submit’ to confirm.

Step #5

Check your scheduled maintenance for any plant

When you want to check the maintenance schedules for any plant, simply go to the specific plant page.

Click on the maintenance wrench button on the right side navigation.

It will open up all the scheduled maintenance that has been logged for the plant.

Alerts will be sent when the scheduled maintenance is due.

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Step #6

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Contractors who previously swore they’d never use it,are now our biggest fans

“Our processes improved immensely by using the Aquipa solution. From maintaining our equipment to general day-to-day operation of our machines, everything is digital, scheduling is automated, records are captured, and we have clear visibility into it all.”

Peter Woodeson – PJ&YC Woodeson Pty. Ltd.

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