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How many plant does your business own?

For organisations that are just getting started.

For organisations that want to closely manage and maintain their assets.

For organisations that need to connect to hiring clients.

For organisations that want to manage networks of suppliers and sites.


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billed monthly

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Store and track your plant with:

  • Barcode Connection
  • Ownership Transfer
  • Plant Checklist Template Library
  • Plant Documention
  • Plant Hazard & Risk Assessment Reports BETA
  • Plant Profile
  • Pre-Qual Pack share
  • Storage (2GB)
  • Support (Community Support)

Maintain, manage and stay notified with:

  • Everything in Basic
  • Custom Maintenance Checklists
  • Custom Pre Start Checklists
  • Dashboard
  • Decommission NEW
  • Enhanced Document Management
  • Expense Tracking BETA
  • Form Builder (Standard)
  • History (Plant)
  • Log Modifications NEW
  • Maintainers NEW
  • Maintenance Export
  • Maintenance Scheduling & Logging
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Operators NEW
  • Reports (export to csv) (Plant tables, Plant history)
  • Share Control of Plant
  • Storage (250GB)
  • Support (Local Business Hours)
  • Tag-out
  • Task Management

Connect and grow with:

  • Everything in Standard
  • Account Documentation
  • Asset Tracking
  • Case Management
  • Connect History
  • Connect Key Documents
  • Connect Tasks
  • Form Builder (Advanced)
  • Hiring Client Connect Plant (Standard)
  • History (Account Wide)
  • Plant Tags
  • Reports (export to csv) (Account Wide)
  • Storage (Unlimited)
  • Support (Local Business Hours)

Manage your supplier and contractor network with:

  • Everything in Premium
  • Connect suppliers to your own network
  • Assessments
  • Custom Configuration
  • Custom data export & deletion
  • Priority support

Additional Fees

Some advanced features of Aquipa are billed similar to an electricity or water bill. You only pay for what you use.

Hiring Client Connection

Connecting to a client on the Aquipa Network allows you to meet the client's compliance policies and requirements.


per month, per connected client


Assessments are only available when connected to a Hiring Client. If the Hiring Client has implemented Assessments, assets connected to that Client may be subject to additional compliance processes.


per submitted and approved assessment

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